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Hotel Guests
With Holiday Room Packages.
Reserve Your Entry Time
to North Pole Adventure.

If you purchased a hotel stay with the North Pole Adventure Package, you will need to reserve an entry time to the North Pole Adventure. 

  • The North Pole Adventure is a 'Timed Entry' Event.

  • Guests reserve their entry time after they have made their hotel reservation.

  • Only those with North Pole Adventure Package are eligible to reserve through this portal.   All others will need to go through the normal ticketing process.

  • The North Pole Texas event will take approximately 75  - 90 minutes to complete.

  • Tickets holders are admitted every 10 minutes in groups of approximately 20.

North Pole Adventure Package Guests

Please have your reservation number available when you reserve your entry time.

  1. Please make your hotel reservation prior to making North Pole Adventure  reservation.

  2. You will need your Hilton confirmation number to complete your North Pole Adventure reservation.

  3. Reserve your entry time and prepare to arrive 15 minutes before your designated start time.

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