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Are You a Hilton Anatole Hotel Guest?
Receive a 30% Discount on Your Tickets

Hilton Guest Discounted Ticketing

Adults $29.89 (Save $13.11)

Children $25.02 (Save $10.98)

Seniors $26.41 (Save $11.59)

Children Under 3 are Free to Take Tour (Excludes crafts/activities/prizes)

Tickets Include North Pole Texas, Train Ride, Snowman Bounce.

Discounted Tickets Apply Only to Hilton Hotel Guests.

This is a 'Timed Entry Event'. Guests reserve their entry time with purchase. The North Pole Texas event will take approximately 75  - 90 minutes to complete. Tickets holders are admitted every 15 minutes in groups of approximately 20.



Tickets purchased without promo code are ineligible for discount after the transaction.

Ticket Promo Code: HILTON21CATA

  1. Please make your hotel reservation prior to purchasing North Pole Texas tickets.

  2. You will need your Hilton Reservation Number to complete your ticket purchase.

  3. IMPORTANT: Hilton Promo Code is entered on the Eventbrite Ticket Screen (shown below.)

  4. If you get to the payment screen without entering the promo code you have passed the promo code screen. Go back.

  5. The hotel reservation number IS NOT the promo code.

  6. Tickets purchased without following the above  instructions are ineligible for refund, discount, rebate, or credit.   

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